GooseMod has a small, integrated, and modular codebase allowing it to be light and fast whilst also powerful and easy to use.


We have a built-in Store where you can easily install themes and plugins, no opening your file manager or using a terminal.


Our UI heavily matches Discord's own, letting you seamlessly enhance your Discord experience with themes, plugins, and more.


GooseMod is one of the most secure mods due to it not using Node.js and only using themes and plugins from our Store.


GooseMod v12.0

Aug 26, 2021

GooseMod v12.0 is now out: Better translations, store improvements, and more.

GooseMod v11.1

Aug 10, 2021

GooseMod v11.0 is now out: plenty of fixes, tweaks, and general polish.


Install Method



Run Script

A Batch script file has been downloaded, please run it to install.

If Windows or your browser blocks it, click run anyway (you may also need to click "more info" to see the option). It gets blocked just because the file isn't known.

If you have any problems you can join our Discord server.

File Handling

When clicking continue, you will be asked to open a file. Please use the path below. After, save the new downloaded file over the file you opened.


Restart Discord fully by quitting it via the system tray (Discord icon likely in the corner of your taskbar), then reopen it.