GooseMod v9.6.0

Jul 13, 2021

GooseMod v9.6.0 has been released! Features various improvements and tweaks like Store images modal, new settings, a new API, and other tweaks and fixes.


  • Images are now shown larger when clicked. When clicking a header image, a modal now appears showing all the images for the module (with larger sizing).
  • Filter times are now faster. It should be about twice as fast due to some fixes and optimisations under the hood.


  • Added start tour option. You can now easily go through the tour again to catch up on GooseMod’s core functions.
  • Other UI improvements. Purge caches is now not marked as dangerous.
  • Added experimental Snippets option. More info soon:tm:.

Patcher API

  • Added GuildBadges API for adding badges to guild headers. It’s usage is near identical to UserBadges, but adding to the header of guilds instead of badges for users.

GooseMod Badges

  • Added badge to GooseNest server to show it’s official.

Out of The Box

  • Removed pack modal. Now just using a few default modules and relying on users to install their own after being shown the Store.
  • Settings now scrolls to show the GooseMod section.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Tweaked loading screen text.
  • Fixed various issues caused by a Discord update breaking i18n.
  • Fixed CSS cache keeping old / removed themes, as well as other improvements.