GooseMod v9.5.0

Jul 6, 2021

GooseMod v9.5.0 has been released! Includes a new first time tour, store improvements, and some minor fixes.

New First Time Tour

  • New tour system. There is now a tour when opening GooseMod for the first time (since this update). It covers the core features of GooseMod: the Store, settings and community (focusing on the Discord server).

Store Improvements

  • Added separate imported tab in Home header. Now has a tab just for imported modules, and a main Store tab for all.
  • Fixed bugs with modules not looking removed / added after changing Home page.
  • Fixed conflicts with some themes. Mostly where toggles for modules would show when it shouldn’t be shown.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed some toasts not working. Previously toasts without options or type would cause errors.