GooseMod v12.1

Sep 18, 2021

GooseMod v12.1 is now out! Various improvements with Store UI, storage, settings, and more.


  • Ludicrous speed. The Store should now be quite faster, especially on low-end hardware.
  • Carousel controls in banner images. Also made modal opening more obvious via cursor.
  • Search text hints. Now shows no results text for no results, and hints to go to an other category if there are results in that and not the current category.
  • Improved profile store. Better and more reliable scrolling down to card and now highlight clears after a short time.

Parity Storage

  • Heavy reduction in GooseMod wipes / resets. Sometimes when Discord updates (desktop) GooseMod settings and modules would get cleared due to a Discord client bug. This should now hopefully be eliminated or at least heavily reduced thanks to a new parity storage backup system.

Tweaks Settings

  • Added tweaks setting section. Includes new minor changes you can now toggle on or off. New settings (and more will likely be added in future updates):
  • Placeholder Image. Use a placeholder image in the Store for modules without images.
  • Collapsible Home Category. Let home category be collapsible via icon.


  • Added new setting to give notifications when new modules are added to the Store.
  • Headers are now not collapsible by default. Now has to be turned on for individual headers. The experimental section is also now collapsed by default.
  • Rewrote settings context (right click) menu to use ids. Should no longer open wrong tabs if named the same.


  • Various minor additions to allow for easier theming. We introduced a variety of small tweaks to help make some of GooseMod easier to theme for theme developers:
  • GooseMod settings sidebar items now have easier ids to grab. Used to just use label so was reliant on supporting all translations.
  • Added GooseMod class to body so themes know if it’s in use.