GooseMod v12.0

Aug 26, 2021

GooseMod v12.0 is now out! Better translations, store improvements, and more.


  • GooseMod now supports almost entire translations. Almost all of GooseMod now supports translations, instead of previously where it was only some features and only a few languages. Current languages with translations: German, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Thai, Ukrainian.


  • Decreased data usage and improved performance of Store pages. Images (banners, profile pictures) are now lazy loaded, meaning they are only loaded when visible. This should decrease data usage a lot, and help performance for low-end devices.
  • Removed some UI to simplify usage. Disabled toasts on module updates and removed dependencies modal (now just installs them).


  • Rewrote internal CSS loading to be simpler and faster.