GooseMod v11.1

Aug 10, 2021

GooseMod v11.1 is now out! Features plenty of fixes, tweaks, and general polish.


  • Repos modal now has a new header. Now reports statistics of repos (theme, plugin, and developer count) and matches Discord’s new styling.
  • Removed toast appearing on module updates.


  • Removed GM Storage Impl from settings sidebar. Also added it to “Copy Debug Info” setting output.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Fixed Tour crashing.
  • Fixed some plugins failing to save settings.
  • Changed how settings implementation is chosen to use extension variable.
  • Fixed being unable to open Store in Home if no DMs are in sidebar.
  • Fixed Snippets mistakenly appearing if Store in Home is disabled.
  • Fixed Store in settings hiding all plugins and themes.
  • Fixed Store categories sorting being interferred with by sort by dropdown.