GooseMod v11.0

Aug 7, 2021

GooseMod v11.0 is now out! Features internal rewrite, error fail-safing, plus a whole bunch of other improvements and tweaks.

Internal Rewrite

  • GooseMod is now almost half the size as it was before. Smaller size should help load times and reduces impact of new additions in the future!
  • Better for GooseMod’s future. GooseMod now uses Rollup; this helps developing GooseMod for the future: improving efficiency and speed of development.

Error Fail-safing

  • GooseMod is now resistant to crashes. You should experience less crashes! GooseMod now hardens most things plugins patch into to resist crashes and just error out instead.

Better Debugging

  • GooseMod now is easier and better to debug. Both plugins and GooseMod itself is now easier to debug. Should let issues be easier to fix in future.

Patcher API

  • Adding to context menu for messages now also adds to expanded MiniPopover. Should help web users who don’t have right click menus.
  • GooseMod commands autocomplete section no longer adds multiple times when in DMs.
  • Rewrote ID generation. Should be a bit faster and more random now.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Fixed showing no PGP verification warning when adding repo even if repo did have valid PGP.
  • Home expanded icon is now stored.