GooseMod v10.1

Jul 26, 2021

GooseMod v10.1 has been released! Features internal rewrites, new profile store, and lots of tweaks and fixes.

Internal Rewrites

  • Rewrote logger output to use text and nicer colors. Now easier to look at and filter.
  • Rewrote React utils library. Now supports new React used in Discord Canary and now a bit more efficient.
  • Rewrote Webpack library. Additionally also now a bit more efficient and generally better.

Profile Store

  • Developer’s GooseMod modules are now listed under a category in their user profile. Added as a new neat way of discovering modules and developers.

Main Settings

  • Separated experimental settings into their own category. Now your settings is even tidier.


  • GooseMod home category now stays collapsed after a refresh if it was collapsed previously.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Fixed custom color picker in settings not appearing.
  • Removed excess old debug logging. Clearing up your console since 2021.
  • Fixed custom name and footer for GooseMod changelog.
  • Fixed repeated class name in home injection container. No one would have noticed but we fixed it anyway:tm:.
  • Fixed commands (Canary-only). Now using built-in instead of a GooseMod category due to internal update changing a lot of things.